Monday, July 30, 2012

A Little of This, A Little of That

I have not blogged much lately, but I am not really sure why.  Not too much has been happening lately.  I figured I would just do a small recap on what was happening in our lives.  These will all be completely random and out of order.

1. Detergent.  I made laundry detergent!  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and finally got a chance to do it!  Or should I say, I finally got Ian to stop being a Debbie Ian Downer and just let me do it!  His complaint was the smell.  He feels like he needs scented detergent.  I finally found a recipe that seemed to have a scent and according to the people that made it, a nice scent.  I bought the ingredients and got to work.  It was easy peasy.  Every one says that the hardest part is grating the soap.  It’s true.  The muscles in my hands were sore for days afterwards.  I have used it for about 20 loads and I am still not sure how I feel about it.  It’s for sure going to be tons cheaper.  It does have a nice smell.  You would think it wouldn’t when you are grating your citronella scented Zote soap.  It is just a light, clean scent.  So far I think it’s fine for the less dirty clothes, especially mine.  It has not been good for the boys shorts that have been peed in.  Especially if those shorts happen to have been in the laundry room for 2 or 3 days before being washed, not that that ever happens at our house. 

Interested in making your own detergent?  Here is the link:


2. Potty training.  The never ending process of potty training.  They are actually doing really, really well.  I mostly don’t even have to ask them if they have to go, they just go on their own.  But they refuse to pull their pants up on their own and if they feel the need to poop in the floor…they do it.  Ok, so that only happened once, but I am traumatized!  We still haven’t picked up the nerve to let them go many places with no diapers but we have been using undies with the plastic things over them.  Those seem to be too much like diapers though and they will still pee in those, especially if they start having too much fun and forget to go to the bathroom.   Oh well, hopefully they won’t be 5 and having this problem. 

3. Story Time.  I have started taking the boys to story time at the library.  They LOVE it!  The woman that reads stories is really fun.  She is a great story teller and even plays the guitar and sings songs.  Ty and Micah will participate some but mostly they are just the young awkward kids watching all the other kids.  Now that I think about it, they have been some of the youngest ones there on the days we have been.  Maybe it’s not so weird now.  But they do enjoy it, especially 2 weeks ago because it was about fish.  I enjoy it because it gets us out of the house for a bit and I can see how much fun they are having.  Plus, we go to the park after so they can play in the fountain.  

4. The Big TV.  The last 2 weeks I have taken them to the theater to see a movie.  1 day a week they play an old cartoon for $2 per person.  That includes admission, 1 small drink and 1 small popcorn.  $6 for all 3 of us to see a movie plus each have a snack.  EXCELLENT! I will be honest, I just go for the cheap popcorn.  AND the time with my boys! :)  We always get a sitter for Miss Averie and then we go out for our movie date.  It really is the best.  I love that there is a point that they just want to snuggle in with me to finish the movie.  I love that they call it The Big TV.   It’s just so fun!!

5. Averie.  Have I already said that she is the sweetest baby ever?? I could just kiss her forever!  She really is just so precious! She is so content and pretty easy!  We just adore her! Lets see…she is still sleeping 12 hours at night.  Still has 3 naps a day.  We are in the process of taking her up to 5oz of formula.  We did it today and she seemed even more content if that is possible.  She has started holding her giraffe toy.  It’s really, really cute!  I can tell she likes it.  She gets an amused look on her face when we squeak it at her.  I just love that baby! 

6. Baby Food.  Okay, so this hasn’t started yet, but it will soon! I haven’t decided when yet, but we are thinking we are going to start baby food soon.  She will be 4 months old in just 2 weeks.  I said from the beginning that I was NOT going to start her on baby food till she was close to 6 months old.  We started the boys at 4 months and it was just a lot of extra work that didn’t even seem to be making a difference in the eating/ sleeping habits.  They already slept great also, so I am not sure what I expected.  I can’t help it though! I am just so excited to see how she responds to each food!  I think the only reason at this point that I don’t want to give it to her, is just keeping her a “baby” longer.  It feels like that once she is having food then she is no longer teeny tiny!  I am already about to clean out her 0 to 3 month clothes.  It makes me SO sad to even begin to think about doing that!  So starting food is the next step in that direction.  Boo!

7.  Tupperware/Pampered Chef.  I had 5 pieces of Tupperware that had cracks and Ian was threatening to toss them if I didn’t do something about them soon.  I FINALLY contacted a consultant and had them replaced.  You really wouldn’t believe how excited I am to get those back.  I guess that means I am getting old! ha!  I also had a pampered chef party this past week.  It was fun! I appreciate all of you that bought something and helped out my party!  Maybe someday I can do the same for you.


So, I forgot to  publish this blog, so it has been sitting for 2 weeks. Maybe more.  I decided to go ahead and publish it, since I spent time on it but thought I would update it some.

Baby Food: Little Miss Cutie has started waking up around 7ish lately so we started her on rice cereal.  For the first 3 days, it helped. Not so much after that.  Maybe she is going through a growth spurt?? Who knows!  Anyways, if it’s not going to help maybe I will push it off a little longer. 

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The King Is Coming VBS 2012

I can write a blog about VBS a month later, right?  It’s my blog, I can do what I want to.  So, I was SO excited for Ty and Micah to go to VBS this year.  I just knew they would love it!  First day, Micah refused to go to class, so he spent the whole morning with me.  I was asked to serve snacks, so I was going to be there anyway.  Averie spent the week being spoiled held in nursery by our sweet friend Hannah.   I know that both boys loved going because it was all they talked about at home.  I was shocked at  how fast they learned the songs and bible verse.  It was precious hearing them sing those songs every evening or hearing them quote their verse.  Even a month later as we drive down the road one of them will start singing “I don’t want to be a goat”.

2012-06-27 10.08.392012-06-27 10.09.432012-06-28 08.52.102012-06-28 08.56.052012-06-28 10.05.002012-06-28 10.05.102012-06-28 11.52.322012-06-28 11.52.432012-06-28 21.52.312012-06-28 21.53.30

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I am officially 30!  I have been for a few weeks, but I am just now getting around to this blog.  The day started fine.  We woke up and I took the boys to their first day of VBS.  I was so excited for them to go this year.  I just knew they would love it!  I think Ty did.  I am sure Micah did too since he came home every day singing the songs and saying his bible verse, but the first day I will just say that he stayed with me.  I was in charge of serving snacks this year so I was going to be there, but he stayed with me the whole time.   I was a little disappointed, mostly for him because I knew the fun he was missing out on.  He didn’t seem to mind though. 

After VBS Micah said that he wanted to see his daddy.  I knew it was nap time, but thought “it’s my birthday, why not??!!” Since it is a 20 minute drive to his work, I knew they would probably nap there and back.  I am really glad that I went.  It was a busy day, but it kept my mind off the fact that Ian wasn’t planning a birthday party for me.  I knew he wasn’t planning one because I would have known some how.  I would have noticed something.  I had already tried to bring up the issue the night before and he barley even talked about it.  I mentioned that maybe we should have a friend eat with us at my favorite restaurant.  The place that Ian hates to eat at, but will for my birthday.  He pretty much blew me off though and said “sure, I guess that’s fine, if it’s what you want to do.”  I was seriously on the verge of tears every     time I thought about it.  Only because I was thinking that this day wasn’t important to Ian.  It was just another birthday for him.   I even texted my sister on the way to the restaurant to say “I will plan my own party for my 40th birthday because Ian doesn’t even care!”

Including me, Ian, and our 3 kids, there were 35 people there. I think that number is correct, I honestly don’t  want to go back and count.  30 people that Ian contacted and invited to my party that he had planned for me.  Have I said how much I hate surprise parties???  It was very sweet of Ian, I even apologized for being so sulky all evening. It really was a great night getting to visit with all of my friends that came.  It really meant a lot that so many people showed up! 

Something that was funny to me was the fact that I had seen so many of those people that very morning and none of them had wished me happy birthday because they said they were scared they would give the party away.

Too bad most of the pictures turned out terrible. My hand were shaking from being so shocked and nervous, I didn’t even think to fix the white balance!

2012-06-25 18.49.042012-06-25 18.49.292012-06-25 18.49.352012-06-25 19.33.062012-06-25 19.34.06

Friday, July 13, 2012

3 Months Old

Today we celebrate our sweet baby girl turning 3 months old.  She is just the most precious addition to our family.  I can now say that she is finally sleeping 12 hours straight at night.  Whew! Wasn’t sure that was going to happen.   It’s nice to get the extra sleep…however, the boys have started waking up early. Any time before 8am is early.  Too early.

To celebrate turning 3 months, Averie decided to mark the day by rolling from her stomach to back. yay! I was excited, but it made it almost impossible to get a picture of her on her stomach.  She has now rolled from stomach to back and from back to stomach. Good for her and her core muscles. Ha! 

Maybe we can celebrate tonight with cake. Ty and Micah would LOVE that!

Here are some new pictures of our cutie that I took today…

2012-07-13 14.47.02copy22012-07-13 14.48.34copy2012-07-13 14.49.16copy2012-07-13 14.52.48copy2012-07-13 14.54.31copy2012-07-13 14.56.38copy2012-07-13 14.57.21copy2012-07-13 15.03.53copy2012-07-13 15.04.01copy

Oh! Great is Our God!

I know I have said it over and over, we are SO blessed to have Averie.  Last Sunday we had family over to celebrate Averie’s baptism.  We were so glad to spend the day with family and so glad that all that could make it came. 

I personally was excited that Averie would be baptized in our new church.  I know it didn’t matter where it happened, but this church is something we have been praying for for years now.  Thankfully the church was finished just after Averie was born, so it worked out perfectly.

This day was a great reminder of how much we need Jesus, that we can only be saved through  Him and our trust in God’s covenant promise for Averie’s Salvation.


Our prayer for all 3 of our children is that they would all follow Christ.  That there would never be a day that they walked with out Him.