Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I LOVE how Ty & Micah say water…’wadoo’. SO cute:)  During our visit to Maryville we visited this park to let the boys play in the water.  They hated it!  Micah especially.  He didn’t like the water hitting his face.  We eventually got snack bowls out to let them fill up, it made things more enjoyable.


137 182

Their favorite thing to do was sit on the sidelines and watch Ian play.

183 206

I love that Micah is running to me in this picture to tell me that his daddy put him in the wadoo:)

Happy 29th Birthday To Me!!!

I had an excellent birthday!  We were in Maryville visiting Ian’s family this year.  We went to the Smokey Mountains to play in the water, P.F. Chang’s, then had cake and opened gifts.  Fun, fun!!  My babies were exhausted from it all! But we all had a very good time!





Ty is very pitiful here:(  He was sad and scared because Ian jumped off a rock into the water.  He kept crying and saying ‘oh no da da! oh no!!’




Trying to keep the babies ‘clean’ before we leave. 


Ty fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.


  Happy Birthday to all my family that has a June Birthday with me! (dad, brother, nephew,  father-in-law, bro-in-law, other bro-in-law)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 7

So, this is pretty much the point where I give up working out.  One week.  I get so excited about it at first and do it every day.  Then I get bored with it and don’t see results and then I quit.  1 week, I know, crazy right?  Well, I agree. 

I skipped out on doing it yesterday. I had 1,000 excuses.  I do today too, but I refuse to let myself not do the workout.  I HAVE to complete 30 days!!


Man! Today about killed me! My muscles burned today!!  I am so glad I did it though!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bruce Isaac

Meet my sweet, adorable, newest nephew Isaac.  Isn’t he precious?? All I have wanted to do this weekend is snuggle him and smother him with kisses.  I have had to share him though.  His mom and dad of course need their time with him and my sister is here also, and Ian is holding him as I blog.  We are all ready to grab him up any chance we get.  Seriously, isn’t he just so cute??


I was so excited for Ty & Micah to meet him.  They are pretty excited about babies right now. However, the second we got in the house, they spotted a balloon and didn’t even care about the baby at that point.  I was a little disappointed, but all I cared about was holding Isaac, it didn’t upset me too much:)  They have noticed him a little since we have been here.  I have been surprised that Micah has been more interested than Ty, I figured it would be the other way around.  Micah even wanted to hold him at one point and I let him wrap his arms around Isaac’s legs.  It seemed to make Micah happy enough.  So sweet!


It has been a wonderful time visiting with my brother and his family.  I am very sad that we have to leave and go back home.  Hopefully someday we will all live closer to each other.  Until then, we will keep in touch over texts, phone calls, and Facebook…and look forward to Christmas!

086 087

30 Day Shred: Day 6

I am trying to keep anyone that is interested in this updated:)  I took Friday, Saturday, & Sunday off from the shred to prepare for going to visit my brother Bruce, his wife Michelle, and their new sweet baby Isaac for the weekend.  We had an excellent time and I was glad for the exercise break, but it made it really, really hard to start back today.  I usually like doing it first thing after I wake up, but today it ended up being after lunch.  Oh well! At least I did it, right? Right!! 

It did seem easier today.  Maybe I am actually getting stronger!  I do best at the cardio parts.  I hate strength, only because I am so incredibly weak.  Hopefully that will start getting easier soon.  I did have to stop a few times during it today however. Very short breaks, but still breaks.  The boys were down playing and in the last 5 minutes of the workout Micah wanted to go to his room to play basketball, but he wouldn’t go unless I went with him.  It was really hard doing jumping jacks with a almost 2 year old trying to hang on my legs.  I am going to have to find a better time to do this.  I know their nap time is the best time, but that is also the only time I get to craft or nap or shower. 

I am glad I started back though.  I am so glad to be done with 6 days…yay for me!!!

Theater Square Marketplace

I have a pretty cool brother.  While being in the Louisville, KY area visiting my brother and his family, we were excited to go see him at work.  He went to culinary school to work in the restaurant business.  He is excellent at his job!   He cooks at Theater Square Marketplace.  What a neat place to eat!!  The food was excellent!  The kitchen area is open, so you get to watch them cook your food.  Bruce looked very professional.  I am very proud of him.  Ty & Dexter seemed pretty proud of him too.  They couldn’t stop yelling ‘un buse’ every time they saw him.  Dexter probably pronounces it a little better than that:)  We were able to take the boys over at one point to watch Bruce do his thing. 

Again, the food was excellent.  We had Bacon & Eggs and Black Bean Cakes for an appetizer.  The Black Bean Cakes were my favorite.  It was actually my favorite thing all night, except maybe dessert:)

Bacon & Eggs: crispy pork belly on pesto, a 40 minute egg on pepperonata and wilted greens. Drizzled with truffle cream and a little sea salt on the egg.  The idea is to cut the egg and mix the yolk with the pesto to make a rich herby sauce.  Sorry about the cell phone pictures, my brother sent me a better one, but I haven’t figured out how to save it to my phone yet.


Black Bean Cakes: served on a bed of grits and pepperonata with wilted dau mui (dow mew-pea shoots) and drizzled with balsamic reduction.  This was seriously my favorite part of the meal. 


I had the Duck Ragout as my entree.  It was SO yummy!  I have to admit, I was a little nervous.  But I don’t regret my choice.  Duck ragout: pulled duck confit, rich herb tomato sauce, gnocchi, garnished with parmesan and fresh herbs.

Dessert was Cookie sandwich: macademia nut cookies with vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate sauce and Brownie: chocolate brownie, vanilla bean ice cream, hazelnut powder, and chocolate sauce.  Wowza!  Yes, I said wowza.  The dessert was SO good! I was stuffed, but somehow made room for dessert.  I think I almost went into a sugar coma afterwards. It was worth it!

The Restaurant was very nice.  The service was great!  The live music was enjoyable. Food was delish!

Our trip to the restaurant wasn’t so pleasant.  We some how got lost on the way.  We missed one turn. Instead of parking within 5 minutes away with Rebekah & Alex, we parked like 30 minutes away.  That’s walking, not a car ride.  We walked and we walked and we walked and I thought we were never going to get there.  We got part way down one street and it was blocked off because the Colts were in town doing something.  All I know is they were in the street and we couldn’t get through. I was hungry, sweaty, and carrying a 100 pound baby.  Okay, so maybe 28 pounds, but it felt more.   We did finally make it and I decided the best thing to do on our way out is for Alex to drop off Ian at our car and come back to pick us up. 

It was pretty neat waiting for the guys to come get us though.  Ian took Micah, so I only had Ty to watch.  Rebekah had Dexter and we decided to walk up and down the street till the guys got back.  It was a lovely night. Not too hot.  So, we are walking down the street and Bek starts saying ‘cougar town cougar town cougar town’. I start looking at the buildings thinking ‘what is she trying to get me to look at?’  The I notice coming towards us is Grayson from the show Cougar Town.

Josh Hopkins Picture

I do not watch this show, but I do know my celebrities enough to know exactly who he is.  We were pretty excited. Rebekah was excited to make eye contact with him. hahaha. Yeah, we were acting like 16 year olds.  We do that a lot together.  There was a woman with him and another man.  I knew the man but couldn’t place him and it was driving me crazy! Thankfully we passed them again (I promise we weren’t stalking them) and it ended up being Sam McMurray, Chandlers boss from the show Friends.

  Anyone that has watched the show definitely knows who he is.  We keep walking and we see another guy.  As soon as I see him I think to myself that he is also a celebrity, but then think since he is alone, maybe he isn’t.  Then he gets close and he is talking to himself maybe a little and is being kind of weird, but it was definitely Dash Mihok, Benvolio  from Romeo+Juliet (the Leo and Clare version).

  None of those people are real well known, but it made our night more exciting.  I was glad I was with Bek when it happened, Ian would not have been as excited or wouldn’t have wanted to talk about it for an hour like we did:) Sisters are pretty great too!


 013 Ty wouldn’t be still for the picture. He kept looking for Uncle Bruce.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shred Day 4

I am still doing the Shred video in case any one cares:)  I finished day 4.  Now that the soreness has passed, today was much easier.  Eating healthier has been hard.  I start out the day doing great, but then end up eating a snack thats not so healthy.  I guess I need to plan those better. 

I now have a friend that is doing this with me.  It has actually helped a lot.  We both just do the video at some point during the day, then text each other when we are done to keep each other accountable.  So far it has really helped to have someone to talk to about it. 

The weekend is coming up though and we will be at my brothers house to see my new sweet nephew, Isaac.  I am going to take my dvd with me in case I am able to do it, but I am not going to beat myself up if I can’t. I will just start back on Monday!

Monday, June 6, 2011

T-shirt Makeover

I did something stupid. I really don’t want to go into detail, only because it’s almost 1am and I want to get in bed soon.  But I signed us up to have family pictures taken….tomorrow.  One of the worst parts is, I have had THE hardest time trying to figure out what we should wear. 

It all came down to me wanting to wear this color shirt.  I probably should have just wore the shirt and not messed with it.  I hope I don’t regret this when the weather gets cold again.  I can say that this isn’t my favorite shirt even if I do actually wear it. 

I decided to give it a makeover.  Ian thought I was crazy for wanting to wear long sleeves with this hot weather, so I decided to take care of that problem.  Here is the shirt:


I used another t-shirt to determine the sleeve length, then I cut it!

008 009

Then I decided it needed a vee neck rather than rounded.  Not really sure why I thought it needed this…

 010 This is me wearing the newly shortened sleeves and v-neck.


Now to decorate.  I cut out as many circles as I could from the sleeves.  I did 2 big circles and 1 smaller circle for each ‘flower’.  This isn’t actually a flower, but I didn’t know what else to call it.


I folded this in half, then in half again and made a few stitches to give it a crinkled look.  I got the whole shirt idea from (here).


Here is the finished product.  I am pleased with how it turned out.  Now to just get my sisters opinion:)023

Sunday, June 5, 2011


My sister and her family were visiting us for the weekend.  I was so excited to have her as a yard sale buddy:)  I looked the night before and found a few promising places to go to.  The first we were going to try was a neighborhood sale.  I was able to see that there were at least 3 house joining, so I knew that was the best place to start.  It ended up indeed being a neighborhood sale, so we didn’t even try to go anywhere else.  There were a bunch of sales in this area.  I just found this shelf below.  Rebekah walked away with many goodies.



My only regret was I didn’t get a toy car that was for sale:( I still regret it.  The lady was asking $7, but I figured she would take $5.  It was totally worth $7 though. 

Ian’s one request was that I didn’t bring home any more toys.  I knew this would be an outdoor toy, but still a toy.  I texted him and call him but he was still sleeping and his ringer was off from seeing a movie the night before.   After telling him about this later, he did say I could have bought it:(  Ty & Micah would have loved this!  They played with one similar at our friends house one day and really did love it!   It retails $60-$70 new (on amazon).   Oh well!


Friday, June 3, 2011


Sadly I didn’t get past day 1 of shred.  Since yesterday  I have had a TERRIBLE headache and haven’t felt like doing much.  Today has been the worst.  I hope to get back to all activities in the next few days.  That even includes cleaning my house :p

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 1: 30 Day Shred

Apparently I am on my way to be shredded. That’s what Jullian told me after my workout. Yes, I just finished Day 1, level 1.  It went fine, meaning I didn’t pass out.  I will be honest, I hate working out.  I really wanted to stop after the warm up but I pushed my way through.  I probably actually would have stopped if I had not posted a blog last night about doing this.  I could have just deleted that blog and pretended it never happened, I mean it was almost 1am when I wrote it, but I decided to be strong and do this!

I am already dreading tomorrow.  I know I will be sore.  Plus, I still don’t have the motivation to do this.  I did level one today, but didn’t use hand weights.  I figured I would start using those in a few days.  I am shaking right now, so writing this blog is my cool down period.

If you have never heard of or have never done the 30 day shred it’s a pretty good all over body workout.  It’s Jullian Michaels from Biggest Loser.  Let me tell you, she is tough.  I wish I was that tough:)  It’s a very short workout for someone on a time crunch like me.  I have to be able to work out, take a shower, and accomplish something productive during the boys nap time.  I think warm up, workout, and cool down is only 25 minutes.  That is VERY do-able, why don’t I do it everyday????  To someone like me that does not like to work out and just doesn’t do it very much, the shred is pretty intense.  I love doing it though and feeling like I got a great workout in such a short period of time. 

I have done the shred before but only last about 2 weeks.  Hopefully this time will stick! :)  Good day!


Eating did not go so well for me today.  I started out doing fine, but by lunch time I made a poor choice of having chips with my hotdog AND 12 oz. of orange crush. 

Again at dinner, I probably didn’t do the best on portion control, but the down fall was soda and bread.  I had soda with my meal, we were at someone’s house, and I LOVE soda.  I had one slice of home made bread, but also ate the leftovers of the bread Ty & Micah didn’t eat.  Not good!  Tomorrow is a new day though:)

I will not be staying up late tonight. It is normal for me to stay up till 12 or 1 am.  I do have a headache tonight and I am starting to get hungry again. If I go to sleep hopefully I won’t cave and eat something ;p