Monday, July 25, 2011

Take 5…

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Anniversary Trip: Chattanooga Aquarium

We love the Aquarium. Ty & Micah especially.  This time going we decided not to take a stroller in and just store our stuff in my sisters stroller ( I hope she didn’t mind).  I remember the first time we took them we did take the stroller and they wouldn’t ride in it.  So we were stuck carrying babies AND pushing a stroller.  This time we let them walk a lot but it was still tiring for all of us:)  Well, maybe not Ian.  He’s tough:)  At the end of it I was ready for Ty & Micah to fireman carry me out.  You remember that carry from grade school, right??


It wasn’t as easy as one would think to get these boys out of the water… they didn’t care about the Aquarium, they wanted water.

069086  We managed to get a family photo on the first try where everyone is looking at the camera.  Thanks Rebekah!

090 Dexter was SO excited to see the racoon, he ran up and immediately hugged it like it was an old friend.  Ty & Micah were of course terrified…I’ve always been scared of dressed up characters so I can’t blame them there.

095 Great family photo of Alex, Rebekah, & Dexter…to bad Dex isn’t looking at the camera!

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Again, there favorite fish was Nemo.  I think we might have stayed the longest at that tank or maybe the penguins.  Micah was really sad to leave Nemo though:)

Happy 7th Anniversary Ian!!

I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better husband to spend the past 7 years with.  God has really blessed me with such a wonderful man to be my best friend and to be a great father to my babies.  These 7 years have been wonderful:) 

This year we decided to make a trip to Chattanooga to celebrate our anniversary.  I was SO excited to rest:)  All of you that know us well, know that we have a LOT of sickness in our home.  Ty seems to run a fever every 3 or 4 weeks and sometimes Micah in between.  It’s exhausting.  Really, truly exhausting.  I love my babies so, so much, but I was so excited to get away for 24 hours.  This was our first time away from Ty over night and the only 2 times we have been away from Micah were when we stayed with Ty in the hospital on 2 different visits.  My sister lives in Chattanooga, the boys were going to stay with her, so it’s not like they were that far away:)  Our leaving went over a lot more smoothly that I thought it would.  We kissed them bye and slipped out while they were distracted.  Rebekah kept me updated with texts and pictures the whole time we were gone and that made me really happy.  Every time we would see a little kid we would say how much we missed our boys:)  We had such a good time though!

Our stay at Doubletree Hotel…

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(photos 1-5 room; 6-7 pool, amazing chair; photo 8 Ian trying to figure out directions)

Dinner: Big River Grille….This decision was tough.  Ian really wanted to try this place and I was open to whatever.  We wanted to make sure we made the right choice:)

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(cell phone pictures, so not great quality)

Dessert: Sweet Cece’s….our plan was to go to Rembrandts, but Ian’s directions were off a little  ;)  This was okay though.  We were both stuffed from dinner so we ended up just having a cup of frozen yogurt to share.  Ian’s half: bubble gum, granola, sprinkles. My half: french vanilla, granola, strawberry, blueberries, and a cherry. 

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Our free hotel breakfast.  It was a great way to start the morning:)


Lunch at Mellow Mushroom. I already want to go back. 

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(photo 1: Rebekah & Dexter; photo 2: Me & Ty; Photo 3: Alex, Ian, & Micah)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011 Vacation

Ian has been on vacation all week.  We spent the first part of the week in Maryville with Ian’s family and the 2nd part of the week in Chattanooga with my sister.  We had a blast!!!  I figured I would do one big blog for the whole week instead of one for each activity.  Hopefully this won’t be too long and crazy:)

Wednesday:  Creative Discovery Museum, Buffalo Wild Wings. 

I like that photo 4 has Rebekah playing in the back ground.  Photo 8 is of Ty & Dexter playing with the rocks and rain water instead of the cool things we were there to see. Silly boys:)

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Thursday: Pump it up, Pool

photo 2: you can almost see Rebekah screaming. She probably scared every kid there!

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Friday: Urban Stack, Pool  ( want a yummy burger??? urban stack is delish!)

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Saturday: McKays, Pool, Coolidge Park

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Sunday: Pool Time and Yummy Mexican Food

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I know this is a lot of pictures, but I had a hard time deciding which to use:)