Monday, January 23, 2012

Car Seat Cover

I am pretty excited about this project.  We didn’t use one of these with our boys, we just used blankets, but I am excited to have one this time.  I found this tutorial on pinterest and thought it looked pretty easy. 

My fabric came from Hobby Lobby.  They have some very cute prints at the moment.  I was happy to actually find something that Ian likes too!

Here is the one from pinterest:  [IMG_40832.jpg]

Here is mine:



I seriously love this fabric!  And that’s Micah being the baby.  A scared baby maybe? not sure what he was going for but it made me laugh haha. 

I am really pleased with how it turned out. I think the only thing I would change is the size of the attachments.  They were a little wide for our car seat.  I can live with it though.

(Here) is the tutorial to make your own!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Brest Friend

Weird title, I know.  I am trying to blog more and the only way I can do this is by posting about everything that I can think of that has happened to me, especially since I haven’t been crafting much. 

So today I will blog about my nursing pillow.  I am actually pretty excited about this.  I had borrowed a nursing pillow from a sweet friend during my last pregnancy because we both had twins and she had an amazing twin pillow.  I am not exaggerating when I say thing thing was amazing.  The regular boppy pillow is a joke compared to this thing.  To make a super long  boring story short, the pillow wasn’t available this time to borrow.  I have checked online about my options to buy my own pillow but decided to put it off until I found out whether I would even be able to nurse or not.  I made it 3 weeks with the boys. (not worth buying a pillow) They are expensive!!

I was excited tonight when Ian sent me a text from Essex  saying he had found a pillow there that we had looked at….for 22 dollars!!!  The same one  at Amazon was  57 dollars. (here)  He bought it for me and I am super excited about it.   I really think this one will work.


The brand of the pillow is My Brest Friend.  Check out the link above!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things Are Starting To Come Together…

I have cleaned, cleaned, cleaned the past few days.  Partially because I know it needs to be done, but partially because I can’t sit still.  Am I nesting?? Not really sure, I don’t remember going through this the first round.  Either way, it feels nice to have a clean house.  I was proud of my self for organizing our linen closet and coat closet this week.  Boy, was that a job!  I even got rid of a few things!  Too bad a yard sale isn’t in my near future. 

I am still working on the nursery.  That is a never ending job!  Most of you would be very shocked at how bad it was in the beginning.  I can actually walk across the floor now!!  I have things stacked in piles. haha.  There is the “get rid of” corner, “give back to various owners” corner, and “new baby clothes” wall.  That doesn’t include the craft box and Ian’s box of who knows what that he insists he can’t part with.  It’s a box of keepsakes (I have one too, but it’s in a closet at least).  The stroller is still in there and a bicycle that I barely rode.  Ian’s big chair that he won’t part with is in there (I broke the news that he has to get rid of it), a broken lamp and broken vacuum is still in there.  Still so much to do!  I probably won’t even get to work on actual baby stuff till March or April!  I guess if we could just have an open weekend with nothing planned we could get it done together.  Maybe I should schedule that….

The boys have been super cute lately.  I am loving this stage they are in.  They talk and jabber all the time.  I still can’t always understand what they are saying, but usually can.  I love that they are playing together more and  more.  The are playing chase as I type this.   I seriously love everything about them!!

I do feel like things are slowly  coming together.  It’s a nice feeling.   Hopefully I can keep you all updated on the progress.








Friday, January 6, 2012

24 Weeks

It has been so much harder to get motivated to take belly  pictures this round.  Mostly, I just don’t remember to do it!  We were about to go some where the other day and the boys asked to slide before we left.  Ian asked me to go get the camera to get a few shots of them and I remembered to ask him to get a few belly shots of me.  So glad I remembered!  I can’t believe I am past the half way point of this pregnancy!  Crazy! 


Now that Christmas is over I am excited to get started on baby projects.  I have lots I want to do before she gets here.  It’s still weird to say she.  Ian corrects me all the time when I call her “it”.  I usually just say “this baby”.  Anyways,  I made a dress for her 2 days ago (here) and I am trying to decide what sort of headband I want to make to match.  I plan to make the baby bedding as well.  I also hope to do a few more pieces of clothing, headbands, & bibs.  What an exciting task!  What is not an exciting task is cleaning out the room that she will be sleeping in.  Right now it consists of a half blown up air mattress, luggage, totes and trash bags full of clothes, stroller, and tools.  All that needs to be gone through and put away!  Most of the clothes are borrowed for either the boys or maternity clothes for me.  I do not look forward to going through it all. I walk in and never know where to start so I leave.  As long as it’s done by April, right??

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Everyday dress

I first want to say that I am SO excited about this dress.  I liked it immediately when I saw it online so I had to buy the pattern.  It was so easy to make.  I did leave out a step. I hope it wasn’t an important one :/ yikes!  But it turned out great.  It looks adorable and I LOVE the fabric I used.  I am even about to make one for a friend that is having a girl very, very soon!

I had a lot of fabric left over so I plan to make a matching headband.  Now if I can only find some adorable leggings to go under the dress!

015        016017

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011…Part 2

Part 1 of the Christmas blogs were pictures from our Christmas with the Robson family.  This blog has pictures from the Wilson family.

IMG_1352     IMG_1372   IMG_1364IMG_1365IMG_1369IMG_1375IMG_1403IMG_1417IMG_1426IMG_1445IMG_1449IMG_1460IMG_1498IMG_1544

I really wish we had taken a family picture too.  I had planned on it, especially after doing one of my siblings but just never got around to it. 

It was a very nice Christmas indeed!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Last year I did a goal list.  Things I wanted to get done in 2011.  I finished a few things thankfully, but then forgot about the list. HA!  I actually had a more detailed list in a notebook that had probably 35 things wrote down and I finished probably half of them, maybe even more, but I forgot about my blog list.  Looks like I didn’t do very well.  (click here)  Maybe I will try to complete some of those things in 2012.  

Now on to my new and improved list!

1. Clean out extra room that will now be the baby room.

2. Make crib bedding for new baby.

3. Turn boys room into big boy room.

4. I have bought a pattern for a baby dress.  Make it!

5. Headband/ Hairclips for baby

6. Hang picture collage over couch in livingroom.

7. FINISH picture collage in my bedroom.

8. Make yellow pillow for my bed.

Things from last year I didn’t complete and want to try to do this year:

9. Prayer book for Ty & Micah

10. Ornaments for Christmas tree

11. Read Bringing up Boys 

12. Read Don’t make me count to three.

13. Read Shepherding a child’s heart   (started, need to finish)

14. Read Idols of the heart (started, need to finish)

15. Read Forgiven to Forgiving (started, need to finish)

I have a feeling I will continue adding to this list, but this is a start.