Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Potty Training Day 3

Today has been a strange potty training day.  It started out great! For the first 2 hours he had peed in the potty 2 times and 0 in his undies. yay! One of those times he even came up to me saying “poo poo”.  I was SO excited!  His treat today was a smarty each time.  He was SO excited about those.  He could only look at them and smile for the first few seconds.  Too cute!

Well not long after that he had 2 accidents in his undies. Which is still no big deal. I expect this for awhile.   But then he went down for a nap and since then has REFUSED to wear undies.  He will cry and beg for his diaper.  So, right now he is sitting on the couch with me, going bottomless.  Am I crazy? yes. 

****UPDATE (only 5 seconds later)*****

Ian just came home and he got off the couch to see Ian and went and sat on the potty. YAY!! 

Anyways, so the storms were bad today in surrounding areas.  I HATE storms.  I really do.  Always have, probably always will.  The point where the tornado sirens started going off I decided to load the tub with blankets, pillows, and toys just in case we needed to get in.  When it finally started raining hard here, we headed to the tub.  I will clarify, I didn’t get in the tub.  I sat beside the tub.  We had the chance to read 1 story and eat some raisins, then the storm was over.   Since then, Micah has refused to sit on the potty and he has refused to wear undies.  Even after the update above, he did nothing then came to sit with me again.   Not sure why he is so against it today. He really is doing great at this.  I am planning to start back with Ty on Monday.  Hopefully that will go smoothly.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Potty Training Day 2

Ty has had a fever today so he is taking a small break till he feels better.  The thought of him sitting in my lap all day with no diaper on is not appealing to me.  I do not want to change both of our clothes 10 times a day.

Micah is doing really well on the other hand.  Who knew that girl scout cookies were the answer to our problem.  Please don’t throw things at me when I say this, but I have never been a GS cookie fan.  I just don’t get the appeal.   Micah gets the appeal. 

We started out this morning with him peeing pretty soon after I put him on the potty.  He helped me dump it in the toilet then as I rinsed the bowl, he flushed.  It’s all very exciting.   I am thinking “okay, he will probably have 3 cookies today, I can handle that” he went in the potty 2 times yesterday.  One thing I must saying about my boys is, during potty training, they don’t have 1 big pee and then hold it for an hour.  They pee a little in the potty after sitting there forever and then stand up and pee around the house like 8 times with in 30 minutes.  That’s why I gave up the first time we went through this.  Plus the fact that they would scream and cry every time I would even suggest sitting on the potty. 

So, Micah has one success first thing this morning but instead of letting me put his undies on him so he can play, he wants to sit on the potty again.   Anyways, so shortly after, he pees again but it’s barely anything.  My thoughts are “he peed, that’s all that matters” so he got another cookie.  Then he wants to sit again.  And he pees again.  3 in 30 minutes is a LOT of cookies. This is when I decided to break the cookie in to 4 pieces and give him just a bite each time.  He doesn’t seem to notice.

He has done really well today.  We have definitely had more going in the potty than in the pants. yay! Even if he is sitting on the potty for most of the day.  I can tell he doesn’t get it yet.  Maybe it will take a while.  But at least he is willing to try to sit on the potty.  *whew* 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Potty Training AGAIN!!!

So here we go again.  This is my 2nd round with each boy.  I tried 6? months ago and it was terrible.  I definitely felt like they weren’t ready. They are 2 1/2…they have to be ready this time, right???  I went to bed last night thinking about starting this today and woke up still motivated.  Here we go!  I have decided we are going to start out wearing undies this time.  Last time they went commando.  I am definitely handing out treats when they go. I don’t care how terrible people think this is. I am desperate and want this to work.  Candy seems to work.   I have cleaned up probably 15 to 20 puddles total, SO FAR, today.  Ty has peed in the potty 2 times, Micah once.  I seriously felt like doing a crazy happy dance and almost started singing “We Are the Champions” when they both went for the first time…at the same time.  The only thing that stopped me was that I was on the phone with my sister and I’m sure she would not have enjoyed that.    We still have the rest of the day and evening, it’s JUST 4pm .  Thankfully in one hour Ian will be home and I will have his help and support. 

This is seriously one of the worst things ever.  I dread knowing I will have to go through this again in 2 years.  I have definitely done LOTS of praying today.  Praying that they would catch on fast but also for myself that I would be very patient with them during this time.  The last thing I want to do is lose my cool with them and make them frustrated.  It would be so nice to get this part behind us before this new baby gets here though.  Hopefully my patience and motivation will hold out!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dresses By Aunt Bex

My sister made 2 ADORABLE dresses for my baby.  I am so excited about these. I thought I would post a picture of them for all of you to see also. Sorry Rebekah that the pictures are so horrible.  I will take better ones for you later. Hopefully.


Big Boys

Ty & Micah got big boy beds.  They are SO tiny in such big beds.  We had talked about this for a while and knew it would happen before this baby came, but I still wasn’t prepared!  It was hard to hold back the tears when I walked in to find Ian taking down the crib/toddler beds.  The boys were pretty excited to get in the way help.  Ian was patient as always with them and let them be right in the middle of it. 054057081086079

We let them pick out their own sheets for the bed.  One has Toy Story the other has Cars.  It’s great motivation to sleep in the beds.  They are doing great in them though.  They were excited for a whole 2 minutes. 

I still have a lot of work to do in their room.  I would like to hang more things on the walls.  I also need to go through toys AGAIN and get rid of stuff.  Between clothes and toys I feel like I am constantly working on their room!  I guess that is life with kids though.

Baby Shower…Pink, Pink, & More Pink

My sister gave me a baby shower to celebrate this little one coming.  It was pretty exciting to get a bunch of pink girly stuff.  Rebekah did a great job putting everything together.  Some of my Aunts, my mom, and one of my cousins  (Allie) did an excellent job on the food!  I LOVE shower food and punch!  Thanks Rebekah for the lovely shower.  Thanks also to everyone else that helped out.  I REALLY appreciate it!


Ian was my photographer.  He did an excellent job.  I am sad however, that I didn’t get a single close up of me or anything else at the party.  I did take a picture of the lovely cupcakes AFTER I got them home and they were smashed. Sorry Carol! My aunt Carol made these.  That had a wonderful taste and they were too pretty to eat.  Well, Ty & Micah didn’t think so.  They asked for “happy cake” for days after my shower.  I was glad to have happy cake to give them. 

Thanks again to all that came to my shower. Thanks also for my lovely gifts. I am SO excited for our little girl to wear all of her things.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adventures In Babysitting

So,  one of my dear friends asked me to watch her 9 month old little girl today.  She had a gift card for a mani/pedi that needed to be used soon.  I watched all 3 kids by myself the other day and it was fine so I figured ‘why not??’  This child is great really.  A very sweet personality…as long as you don’t leave her in the room by herself. haha.  Ty & Micah really enjoy her too.  She is just learning to crawl and the boys love to be chased so they stay entertained by running while she follows  or chases them.  At least that’s what the boys think she is doing.  Easy Peasy! I fed her lunch, then made the boys their pb & j sandwiches.  While they were eating in their high chairs, I was giving the 9 month old cheerios in the floor.  Again, easy!

Well, I notice her back is a little wet. Oops! I have had her an hour and hadn’t even thought to check her diaper.  Looks like she has a full pee diaper since her back was wet.  I was slightly suspicious that it wasn’t wet around her legs though.  When my boys diapers leak from an over load at night, it always at the legs.  I get everything together and lay her on her changing pad on the couch.  BWT, SO glad I used the changing pad! I never use one with my  boys.  I open things up, whip the diaper out and notice she had not peed.  It wasn’t pee that was making her back wet.  I stay calm at this point because thankfully I had gotten the wipes out too.  I decide that the easiest solution is to  take the out fit off the proceed to clean up.  So, as I’m taking the 1 piece outfit over her head she arches her back a bit and that is when things get scary.  She now has poop all over her back, all in her hair, all over her hand which then rubs it all over my arm and all over her belly AND she is trying to stick that hand in her mouth.  I decide to then move things to the floor.  I will admit it got on the couch, but I did clean things up.  Don’t be scared to come to my house and sit on my couch! haha

Next step: a bath.  The only way I can clean it all up. I grab her up, along with another 1 piece outfit and a diaper and head for the bathroom.  The boys are very upset at this point that the baby gets a bath and they don’t.  I plead with them to finish their sandwiches and they can have a piece of cake.  I am all about bribery when I have to be.  This was one of the cases that it had to be done.   I wash her in the sink and I am using a cup to pour water over her.  Before I shampoo, I fill up the cup and lay it by the sink.  What does tiny 9 month old do??? She reaches out and knocks it over…all over her clean, dry outfit.   Oh, and that was the point I realized I forgot to grab a towel :p

Thankfully I have baby girl clothes that she was able to wear while I dried her extra outfit. 

We were all fine after that though.  That is until I spilled my sonic coke  AND my boys didn’t nap. 

What a day, what a day! Thankfully Ian will be home soon with dinner. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

29 Weeks

Well, I don’t have a picture of the belly this week but I thought I would still fill you in on what is going on.

According to baby center, this baby girl should be 2 1/2 pounds and  a tad over 15 inches long from head to heal.  It’s crazy to think I only have 11 weeks left!  I am still not at all prepared.  I was on bed rest at 27 weeks last time, but felt more prepared than I do this time!  How does that even work?  I am having a baby shower in just a few weeks and am hoping that will help me feel more prepared.  She doesn’t even have anything to wear home from the hospital yet!!!  Things are going decently well for me right now, besides the usual aches and pains.  It’s crazy how bad my hips hurt this time.  Definitely didn’t experience that with the boys. 

Speaking of boys, they are doing great right now too. Starting to talk more and more.  We went last week and got fabric to make quilts for their big boy beds.  My mom will be making those.  I kind of dread getting big boy beds but we don’t have many options.   That option just makes more sense.  But, I am very excited about the fabric I picked out.  The room will be decorated in green, blues, and grays.  The room is brown and blue right now.  There won’t be a huge change to the room, but I am pretty excited about it.  It will be a while till this room is done, but I will update you as something gets done.  Hmm I need to make sure I do a before picture I guess.

Well, I just put the boys down for a nap, so maybe I will take one myself. I also need to work a shower in there somewhere too.  And lunch.  Have a lovely day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Felt Food

Recently we visited my sister and her family for a weekend and like usual, Ty & Micah had a blast playing with toys that didn’t belong to them.  One good thing about the boys playing with other kids toys is that it gives me ideas on what to get them for Christmas and Birthdays.  Sometimes I just really run out of ideas.  Especially since they have been crazy over Toy Story, Elmo & Cookie Monster, Cars, and Finding Nemo for so long. I can only come up with so many ideas for gifts that I actually want to spend my money on.  Seriously, how many Buzz toys can you have?? Sure you can have a lot, but if they aren’t going to play with them all, it seems like a waste of money!

  So, Dexter got a kitchen for Christmas this past year.  IT.IS.ADORABLE! Very vintage!  Ty and Micah LOVED it! They seriously spent their whole weekend playing in the kitchen.  It got really exciting when the 3 two year olds took their dry cereal into the kitchen to ‘cook’.  Wow, it was a mess! Sorry Rebekah and Alex!!! Did I mention we were babysitting Dexter?? Anyways, so, Rebekah had made Dexter the most awesome, most incredible food.  Yes, MADE it!! He even had his own home made oven mitt. 

Fast forward 2 weeks and we went to another friends house for a play date.  They also had an adorable kitchen that they bought at a store we have in town, Essex.  It was settled.  Ty & Micah were getting a kitchen!  They had money from Christmas  that I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for.  Most likely clothes, but now a kitchen.  I went to Essex to see what I could find.  I was shocked at the kitchen selections.  There were a lot more than I thought! This store is just really a jumbled mess. You never know what you will find.  Everything is brand new, but much cheaper than store prices.  The boxes usually look like they have taken a beaten, but everything I have from there is in great shape.  The things that I have bought from there were always half the price they were at the store.  I even found Dexter’s kitchen there for half the price… don’t tell Rebekah ssshhh.  So I came home with my pictures on my cell phone and did my little research.  I did this because I haven’t switched to the smart phone yet.  But I found a cute little kitchen (Here) for half the price at Amazon…just $40 dollars!! I was super excited, maybe just as excited as Ty & Micah were to receive this kitchen! 

All this to say, I called my sister and “hinted” that we needed food for our kitchen.  A week or so later we received a box in the mail full of food.  The boys were excited.  Sweet Dexter had packed up his own food for them.  It’s okay, Rebekah plans to make him more.    As soon as Ty saw it he said it was Dexter’s food.  He would have said that even if it had not come from Dexter’s house.   But it was cute to me that he knew it was like Dexter’s food. 

Lucky for all of you, you can now have your own awesome food! Rebekah has made up a pattern for any of you to use…for free!!!!  If any of you can sew and have kids, this is excellent!!!! Much cuter than the hard plastic stuff you can buy in the store.  (Here) is the link to her blog. Check it out and share with any friends you know that would love some awesome food for their kids.  I would LOVE to know if any of you make this! Send me a message if you do or comment on this blog. 

Have fun!!!