Sunday, May 27, 2012

2 Months

I can’t believe Averie is already 2 months old.  We sure do love her! She really is the sweetest baby.  She has started smiling, which will melt your heart.  She LOVES her brothers.  You can tell that she adores them by the way that she just looks happy when they are around.  They adore her right back.  It is now a nightly event that she lay on their pillows just before bed time.  She will just lay there, happy as can be.

I took her to the doc the other day for her 2 month check up.  They said she looked great.  She is in the 92 percentile in weight and off the chart in height.  The doc said she may just be a tall girl.  Surprise, surprise. 

She has FINALLY dropped that 2 am feeding.  There was much rejoicing.  It has almost been a week now so I feel like I can say she is done with it.  8 whole weeks.  I really didn’t think it would ever end!   We now feed her at 10pm, put her to bed and she wakes again at 6am to each again.  If only I could get in bed by 11 and get extra rest!  I have been blessed with great sleepers.  The past few mornings I have fed her at 6am, then put her back to bed and I got to sleep till 8:30 or 9 because that’s when the boys woke up.  It has been nice!

Here is a 2 month picture of our little cutie…


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life With A New Baby…

is chaos. I will be honest. I do feel like we are finally catching on to this though.  I am recovering from my 2nd round of mastitis though and that has been hard.  We are only doing bottles at this point though and it has made things tons easier. 

We are really enjoying having Averie around.  She is 6 weeks old tomorrow.  Time really flies.  She is still sleeping a lot, all newborns do.  She has her days and nights mixed up though.  That has been tough.  We  are getting less sleep now that when she was first born! At least then she was going 5 hours between meals at night. Now its between 3 and 4.  Before she would eat and go back to sleep, now she eats and is wide awake.  My goal is to work hard all day today to keep her awake more.  I say this as she sleeps on my lap. Ha!  She is definitely growing.  I can tell as I pick her up, there is softness under my hands instead of a tiny skinny baby.  I love it! I love her!  Next week is her 6 week check up.  I can’t wait to see how big she is.

The boys are still doing excellent with her.  They are actually doing better with her everyday.  I love when they tell me she is cute.  I love how they get excited every time she is awake. They say “mama, mama, Avie (or Abie) awake!!!”  It really is precious. 

As for me, besides constant work with 3 kids, I am just working to catch up on house work.  Being in bed with mastitis really put me behind!  Why do they not send a maid and chef home with you when you leave the hospital?? It only makes sense!  Since they didn’t send one with me, looks like I will have to settle for a messy house for awhile! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 Weeks Already

Averie is 4 weeks old tomorrow.  Almost a month already.  It really feels like that long, but it is also crazy to think that she has been with us for  a whole month.  She is fitting in perfectly with us.  We adore her! All of us. 

She is such a sweet baby.  She loves to be snuggled for sure.  As long as she is being held, she is happy! She is doing really well with her sleeping at this point.  At her 2 week check up,  that was actually 3 weeks because I had to reschedule, she weighed 9lb. 5 oz.  Growing girl! She was 8lb 9oz at birth. 

Thankfully Ty & Micah have adjusted well to her being here.  I knew they would be fine, but I also knew they would have a hard time at first.  I was correct.  Now they just love to kiss her and snuggle her. I love it!

I feel like we have had a hard first 3 weeks with week 4 going more smoothly.  It has been great in some ways, but horrible in others.  I was very, very blessed to have help the first 3 weeks.  Ian was home the first 2 and I had the hardest time letting him go back to work!!  Ian’s mom, Karen,  was here the next week.  It was so helpful having someone here to take the boys outside during that week and to keep up with our dishes and laundry.  I do feel like things are getting better for us though.  Nursing was and is not going well at all.  That was our only issue really.  I was spending all my time the first 3 weeks trying to feed our baby.  At this point I have made the choice to pump and bottle feed and it is going so much more smoothly!  We are on a schedule now with Averie  and that helps too.  Schedules keep me sane when I have a new baby. 

Hopefully I can start blogging a little more often.  Like I said, it has been a hard adjustment!

Here is a picture of our sweet girl at 3 weeks! So precious!


Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yes, I am still here.  Things have been so crazy here.  I haven’t even wanted to blog!  But today I went to a yard sale and I feel like that is something I can write about.  I love going to yard sales! If anyone ever needs a buddy to go with, you should call me.  I usually just go alone. Lame!

Anyways, I did this last year and thought I would do it again.  Here are the things I bought.

.50…8x10 frame  (I hope to paint this and use it in the boys room…someday!)


1.00…purse and .25…flat iron bag.  I was so excited to find this.  I have wanted one before but never bought one.  In case you don’t know what it is, it’s to put a hot flat iron in.  Perfect if you are packing to go somewhere but pack your iron last because it needs to cool first.  With this you don’t have to wait!


1.00…bag. perfect over the shoulder bag that I plan to put things in for the park.  With 3 kids I will need my hands free as much as possible! and .25…make up bag.   Since Ty crushed eye shadow in my bag recently, now I don’t have to clean it! I have a new one!!!


1.00…shirt for me.  Sadly it is too small at the moment, but will hopefully fit soon! and .25…shirt for Averie.  It’s either 12 or 18 months.  Already shopping for the future!


Looks like waking at 6 for Saturday morning feedings won’t be so bad if I get to yard sale before the kids are up!  HA!