Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am so excited that it is time to plant our garden! Saturday was perfect weather to shop for our plants. We are having a very hard time deciding what to grow this year. Last year we grew things that we didn't really use. This year I don't want to be so wasteful! Our beds are tiny so we are limited to about 6 plants. So far we have settled on 2 different tomato plants. Hopefully we can decide on the rest soon!

Included are pictures from our day out!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Averie

I can't believe my baby is 1. Didn't I just have her a few months ago??
We had Averie a little party on Saturday. We had family over to celebrate. It was pretty exciting to do a girly party this time! We didn't do a theme, I just wanted to keep it "soft". I decorated with pinks, creams, and browns. I did all the decorating myself (with the help of friends). Thanks to Robin for help with the banners! Thanks to Elizabeth for help baking the cakes after I sliced my finger with a knife! I love, love party planning and decorating!!
I am pretty sure Averie enjoyed her party. I know she enjoyed attention from grandparents, aunts, and uncles. It was her first official time eating dessert and she seemed to like it. She has had a few bites of cookie in the past and she swiped my brownie off my plate a few weeks ago and ate it before I realized it was missing. She didn't disappoint when it came time to smash the cake. She dug right in and rubbed it all over her face, hair, and clothes.
She got very lovely gifts. I am more excited about them at this point than she is. She was excited to get baby dolls though. She knew immediately what they were and was very excited. I have been happy to see that she has been actually playing with all of her new things. She is usually more interested in her brothers toys than her own.
This has been an exciting year. She has for sure grown faster and progressed faster than I had hoped! At 6 months she got her first tooth, sat up on her own, and started belly crawling. At 7 months she started pulling up to a standing position. At 9 months she took her first steps with out holding on. By 10 months she was walking. She has kept me busy for sure!
We have loved hearing her sweet voice try to say words. She says dada, mama, bye bye, nite nite, ball, bottle, more, all done. She has said dog, cat, bird, bat man, thank you, baby. I am pretty sure that she has tried to say Ty and Micah but it was not clear enough to count.
We thank God daily for this sweet girl. We are so thankful for this year that we have had her. We pray that God gives us many more!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yay for spring!!!

I am so over the cold weather! This week we have had several warm days and it has been wonderful!!! I went to several yard sales on Saturday and yesterday we went to the park.

I was so ready for yard sales! I love going! Especially now that I have kids. I only bought things for them this trip. Averie got a few larger dresses, brown shoes for later, and a bright pink pair of shorts. The boys got 2 shirts each. I also got a organizer box for Averie's shoes. I have needed something to store under her bed. I can count 8 things I bought and spent right at 10 dollars. Much better than consignment prices!

As for the park, it was so nice to get outside! Averie got to swing for the first time. She loved it and I loved watching her. It made her sleepy very fast though. She's precious! It was much easier taking the boys to the park this year too. One year really makes a difference!!